What genres do you typically record?

Americana, folk, indie, jazz, singer-songwriter. I don’t really listen to rap, metal, punk, or EDM, so I’m not a good choice of engineer for those genres and will refer you elsewhere.

What is your hourly rate?

Mixed Metaphor is not currently accepting hourly work. Billing is based on number songs and is outlined here.

Do you have ISDN/Source Connect capability?

Mixed Metaphor is not currently accepting voiceover work.

What kind of mics/preamps/hardware are you using?

Click here for a current list.

Do you produce records as well as record them?

Sometimes, yes. Productions rates vary with project length and complexity.

Do you produce beats?

I’m not the one you want, babe. I’ll only let you down. (No.)

I recorded my songs myself/at another studio. Will you mix them for me?

Probably. Assuming the project is a good fit and is not in need of extensive editing, mixing is available at a rate of $150/song.

My record is already recorded and mixed. Will you master it for me?

Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering in Portland, OR handles all of my mastering. I encourage you to contact him directly if you’re just looking for mastering.

Do you offer CD duplication?

Not currently, no.