Tired of letting the clock produce your records?

Mixed Metaphor Recording proudly rejects hourly rates in favor of flat rate project-based pricing. This takes the guesswork out of your project budget and puts your focus where it belongs: on your art.

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Unlike most studios…

Mixed Metaphor Recording is a specialty shop. The mission of Mixed Metaphor Recording Services is to combine the relaxed environment and "anything goes" spirit of home recording with the sound quality of commercial recording facilities. Instead of stockpiling gear to suit every imaginable style of music, I have focused on being able to record the sounds I love without compromise: acoustic and electric guitars, cellos, violins, drums, electric and upright basses, and of course voice. While these are by no means the only instruments I’ll record (please bring your horn section!), they comprise the palette for most of the material I record and produce in my studio.

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Time to Experiment

This flat-rate approach is in line with a deeply held conviction of mine: namely, that good records take time. By doing everything myself and narrowing my focus to the genres I'm passionate about (see FAQ page), I'm able to keep my costs and rates low. For artists, this translates to extra time in the studio spent honing performances, trying out new ideas, and – most importantly – enjoying a relaxed creative process.

Built-in Mastering Budget

Too often independently released albums either skimp on mastering or skip it altogether. At Mixed Metaphor, professional mastering is built into your budget from the beginning so you're never tempted to stop short. Gus Elg of Sky Onion Mastering in Portland, OR handles this crucial stage of quality control, giving your project a much-needed fresh set of ears before it's released and ensuring consistent playback wherever your music is played.

From ‘Go!’ and the 1st moment of hiting ‘record’’ all the way to album release, Nate has been a top-notch technician, a skilled crafts-person, and a joy to work with. With a great attitude, he worked well with my non-traditional parameters, and saw each detail through to the utmost degree... Can’t wait to work with Nate at Mixed Metaphor again...
— Thomas Paul